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Davie Chen Pharm. D.

Board Member

Dr. Davie Chen is a PharmD graduate with a deep passion for the evolving fields of pharmacogenomics and psychiatric pharmacy. Equipped with a Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD), he is dedicated to applying his knowledge and skills to provide patient-centered care while driving innovation in pharmaceutical practices.

His undergraduate experience in bioinformatics augments and pharmacy training provides him with a unique perspective on the integration of genomic/genetic technology and drug responses. This blending of disciplines has inspired him to pursue innovative practices that increase the standard of patient care with personalized medicine.

Passionate about mental health and well-being of patients, he is working to develop personalized medication plans for individuals with mental health disorders. He is committed to destigmatizing mental health issues in all settings and strive to provide compassionate care to improve the well-being of every patient.

Davie Chen Pharm. D.
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