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Become a member of, gain access to a number of valuable integration resources and help this standard take hold in the marine industry.
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This service lists names and contact numbers for current members of
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This service, available to members only, provides access to a number of resources to speed up the integration of MTML into your business processes and systems. These resources include downloads of a detailed specification of MTML, a complete object model for implementation and integration, a complete mapping between IMPA ETSF and MTML, and a set of links to other helpful integration resources and skilled integration consulting organizations. Discussion Forum

This service, available to members only, provides direct participation in the on-going evolution of the MTML standard. Members can participate in a threaded discussion about the marine trading process and electronic trading support. Forum members receive timely notification about changes to the standard and new support components. In addition, the Forum is moderated by MTML experts who make themselves available to answer questions and field problems.
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