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Migrating from IMPA ETSF
Since the structures of IMPA ETSF are very close, the same software that currently generates IMPA ETSF files can be easily extended to also generate MTML files.Similarly, the software that accepts IMPA ETSF files can be extended to accept MTML.As an alternative, new software can be developed to translate IMPA ETSF messages into MTML, and vice-versa.
If existing software is being extended, the message and code structure of MTML is close enough to IMPA ETSF that code to generate MTML might be inserted directly at appropriate points in the existing software. MTML is constructed using simple text templates (see the sample above). Some information that was sent as separate message segments in IMPA ETSF is now sent earlier in the messaging sequence as attributes of the overall trading transaction message. The only other significant sequencing difference has to do with the count of the number of line items which is also sent early as an attribute of the overall trading transaction, rather than as a separate control message segment near the end of the sequence. Finally, MTML uses the identical set of EDIFACT-compliant codes as does IMPA ETSF, although numeric codes used as qualifiers must be prefixed with an underscore character (_) in order to take advantage of XML validation capabilities.
If translation software is being developed, the same basic issues apply but this software must also be cognizant of how the IMPA ETSF messages are structured, strip off these structures, and replace them with MTML structures, or apply the reverse process if generating IMPA ETSF messages from MTML.
As an illustration, the attached table identifies the key fields in the RFQ described in the sample documents section, and lists the IMPA ETSF and equivalent MTML mechanisms for encoding this knowledge. A complete specification detailing the translation between IMPA ETSF and MTML documents is available through Member Services.
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